Seriphina Morgan- only happy when it rains (seriphina) wrote,
Seriphina Morgan- only happy when it rains

Giving Tuesday

​Tuesday, December 2nd, is Giving Tuesday, a global holiday dedicated to giving back. In the wake of consumer-driven Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a day dedicated to giving back (and forward, if you will). While we’re all busy trimming our trees and finding mall parking, it’s important to stop and take care of each other. I’m continuing to run the online Fundraiser called The New Peking Flood Recovery Project on GiveForward to make a difference this year. Through the generous donations of only thirteen people, we have been able to raise 1/4 of the goal. But I am hoping that we to be able to collect more to help get New Peking out of the monetary whole that was dug in the face of their crisis this past summer.

If you can give a gift or spread the word with me, we would be very grateful. The link to the project is:

Happy Giving Tuesday!

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