The Stars will cry


Interesting that Jimmy Carter (yes, the former president) said that Biden would be a disaster, & Trump would be a disaster, so he voted for Bernie Sanders.
The Stars will cry

Giving Tuesday

​Tuesday, December 2nd, is Giving Tuesday, a global holiday dedicated to giving back. In the wake of consumer-driven Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a day dedicated to giving back (and forward, if you will). While we’re all busy trimming our trees and finding mall parking, it’s important to stop and take care of each other. I’m continuing to run the online Fundraiser called The New Peking Flood Recovery Project on GiveForward to make a difference this year. Through the generous donations of only thirteen people, we have been able to raise 1/4 of the goal. But I am hoping that we to be able to collect more to help get New Peking out of the monetary whole that was dug in the face of their crisis this past summer.

If you can give a gift or spread the word with me, we would be very grateful. The link to the project is:

Happy Giving Tuesday!
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The Stars will cry

Stuff I write...

The World Turned

The world turned,
& I stood still,
I just watched it go.

It turned again,
& I closed my eyes,
the light that it brought,
being too bright...

But in my darkness,
I found enlightenment,

& now,
with my eyes open,
I see a new path,
one that I have never known before.
I realized
that it doesn't lead to you
& there are things on it
more important than sex,
& more overwhelming than passion,
& that
is where I need to focus...
not on the passion,
just the path.
The first will lead me astray nearly every time,
though it will be a brilliant chase.

if you do not live life passionately,
what is the point of living at all?
If I cannot live life passionately,
why live?
I have not found a reason yet.

the sweet elixir of life,
has been my driving force,
& its brilliance,
my guiding star.
Without passion, I am lost,
adrift in a sea
of empty promises
& broken dreams.
Hearts that have given everything
sliding past on the caps of waves...
I feel their sorrow,
how bitter their cries.

I shudder
at the thought of becoming their mate,
for that's where I'll be
if it's left up to fate.
I steer my craft clear,
of the rocks just ahead,
barely in time,
with a feeling of dread
pulling the blood from my face.

I must set a course,
but with what as my guide?
I must go on,
I have no place to hide,
& Sun will come soon.

So I look to the stars,
asking the jewels for knowledge,
they point at the Moon,
saying, "She Always
knows the way."
With this hope in mind,
I cast my eyes low,
whispering prayers
that only She knows
hoping She'll point the way.

She casts her image
across the water,
offering a blessing,
she calls me Daughter,
so I follow her rays.
Once I'm held in her arms,
I fall asleep.
for I KNOW that her promises,
once made, She'll keep,
& She promised me peace.

When I awake,
I find the world changed once more.
My hopes are renewed,
but my heart is still sore,
from all the weeping.
I've got cuts on my arm,
& tears on my face,
I was crying my heart out,
begging for grace,
even while I was sleeping.

Now it is dusk,
so close to the night.
My path will reveal
under Moon's soft light,
& I will begin again.
As the clouds part,
Her face shines through,
an inkling forms in my mind,
of what next I should do.
I begin to write.

Words flow from my mind,
to my hand,
to my pen.
My medium fills,
then scrolls, clear again.
My thoughts, it keeps,
the words, images grand.
When the writing has ceased,
images form into plans,
surprise shakes my world.

Passion, it seems,
is not to be forsaken,
precautions, instead
are to be taken,
to insure its safe place in my life.
I had been wrong to cast it aside.

Not understanding,
I convey my confusion to Moon.
She tells me, "Have patience.
All will be made clear soon."
With that, I wait.
The world turns once again,
Moon keeps herself in sight,
the stars whirl to keep up,
to be not lost to the night...
suddenly I see her truth.

Understanding dawns
in a fiery display of light,
sparks flicker off & on
in the ever-darkening night.

My passion now steps forward,
to take my hand & my heart.
It gives me its word,
it will not tear me apart,
if I let it lead the way.
I bite my lip for a moment,
thinking this offer through.
When the taste of copper hits my tongue,
I know what I will do.
Passion seals it with a kiss...
a covenant of blood.

The magic within me
stirs with desire,
begging to be set free,
it whispers promises of fire
& eternity.

Forever & never
dance with souls entwined.
Where their intentions overlap,
reality unwinds,
the threads fray.

As I turn to face the world,
with the eyes of one newly found,
Passion caresses my soul,
murmuring of how
my heart ought be unbound,
unleashed upon the unready world.

A spark catches in my eyes,
purpose burns in my mind.
The Moon prepared me for this,
I take a deep breath.
I step forth, borne anew
from the ashes of my uncertainty.
My wish for grace is not undue,
but will not be granted immediately.
I must prove my worth.

I sweep my gaze from side to side,
unable to meet every glance,
but as your eyes meet mine,
I realize this meeting isn't chance,
& I linger there.

"Well met," you say to me,
speaking only with your eyes.
Startled by your words,
I drop my last disguise,
bare before you,
I seek your approval with mine...
but then can't hold your gaze.

As I start to turn away,
I feel your touch upon my skin.
Your fingers brush across my face...
passion burns within,
I know that feeling.
This memory stays my feet,
I welcome the warmth of its touch,
like a lover's breath upon my cheek,
a hint of everything, from not much.

"Stay with me,"
I want to say,
but realize the words are wrong.
I don't even know your name,
though I'll never forget your song...
the one your eyes were dancing to
that made my heart sing along.
I don't even know your name.

I look away again,
having cast myself in doubt,
but seeing how I've faltered,
once more you help me out.
Taking my chin
not too firmly in hand,
you raise it till my eyes meet yours,
then let the gesture stand.
It does not go unnoticed.

I am startled by your assertion,
by how you hold this fading light,
I cannot promise you anything,
but a love of the night...
will it be enough?
I search within your eyes,
you ask nothing
of me.
I see a flame, akin to mine.
that lights your eyes & soul divine,
it answers everything.
We were made for this.
...whatever "this" is...

The moment hangs forever,
an infinity of supplication,
an eternity of benediction,
an ouroboros of hope.
An amaranthine belief,
requiring nothing
to be everything.
You reach out to me,
& passion pulses between us.

My single, unassuming syllable
has broken the silence.
I don't know what to say next.
I don't have to.

"I was about to get something to eat,
maybe...I dunno.
Would you like to go with me?"
you ask me,
as though you never had a more important question...
who knows,
maybe you didn't.

I pause a moment.

Taking a deep breath,
I counter with,
"What is your name?"
I never did have a more important question.

From up here the city lights burn...


I feel so alone right now. in exactly one half-hour from the moment I am writing this sentence I will officially be 29 years old. I don't think it's the age that bothers me... *shrugs* I could be wrong, but who knows? *sighs*

So I bought 25 copies of my book because the publisher gave me a discount. Would anyone be interested in buying One from me? Cost= $10 per, after tax, no s&h. I'll even sign it if you like, in case you get lucky & I get famous after I die. (everyone knows poets don't get to be really famous, or even (to be honest) famous at all till after they die.) Also, let me know if I ever promised to give you a copy.

t-15 & counting.
Waiting for the rain

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A somewhat belated, but still, well-meant Happy Birthday goes out to wolfdaddy2002. :D

...also, before I forget (because I know that if I put it off, I will) a very early morning Happy Birthday goes out to Grymor. :)